Stasia Barlow Dreams: My Personal Dream Journal

The dreams have gotten out of control lately. I am almost nervous to go to bed at night for fear of what my dreams and nightmares will be. I’m having trouble sleeping, getting through the days due to the lack of sleep, and struggling to deal with the vividness of the dreams I’ve been having. 

I brought my concerns to my therapist, who suggested that I start a dream journal of sorts, and maybe try to figure out what my dreams are telling me. 

It Woke Me in the Middle of the Night

It all started with this really strange nightmare I had about six months ago. The nightmare was so terrifying that it woke me up out of a dead sleep. I’ve heard that when you suddenly wake in the middle of a nightmare, it means you died in your dream, and it certainly felt that way. 

I’m walking down a long driveway, when a child, who I faintly remember from elementary school, asks me if I want to play a game of catch. We begin tossing the ball back and forth when he throws it too hard and into the woods beside the house.

I offer to go get the ball and as I enter the clearing, there is a stone table of sorts right in the center, with a man laying on it, his arms crossed over his chest, his right hand cupping his left shoulder and his left hand extended out, like on an operating table. The red ball we were playing with is in his hand, and he has a sinister smile on his face. His eyes, closed. 

I walk forward with my arm extended to take the ball out of his hand when he suddenly sits up straight and grabs me by my shoulders. I recognize him as being a vampire (for whatever reason I just know) and I wake up. Writing it out now, it doesn’t seem as terrifying, and it doesn’t even make sense that I know he’s a vampire somehow, but in the moment, I swear, I felt my heart beating out of my chest.

Dream Analysis

Apparently it isn’t uncommon for people who work in the legal field, like I used to, to suffer from horrible nightmares and insomnia, but it just isn’t talked about. That gives me some comfort, but not enough for me to fall asleep easier tonight.After doing a little bit of research, it turns out that vampire dreams allude to the draining of energy, which I guess makes sense. I’ve taken in a lot of projects lately . . . could this be what’s going on? Something I’ll have to discuss with my therapist next week I suppose.