The Pirate Ship

These dreams are starting to get really weird. It’s getting more and more difficult to sleep at night. Thank goodness they aren’t all nightmares, or I might start to be afraid to close my eyes at night. . . like in that scary movie where the villain can only kill you in dreams? Is it Freddy Krueger? I was never much into horror movies. Maybe that’s what makes me so susceptible to bad dreams. . .

Anyway, last night’s dream wasn’t scary, thankfully, but it was super strange, just like they all are. The first thing I remember is the opening scene from The Little Mermaid. You know, when Ariel and Flounder are swimming towards a wrecked pirate ship? Next thing I know, the wrecked pirate ship seems to come to life and float back towards the surface of the water. 

I’m like an outsider watching all of this unfold from the sidelines. As the ship surfaces, everything shifts and I’m apparently a pirate suddenly because I’ve got a sword in one hand and there’s another pirate coming towards me and I’m acutely aware of a little bird on my shoulder. 

As I go to raise my sword to defend myself, everything goes black and I’m on a boat. Not a pirate ship, but a sort of fishing boat and there’s an old woman at the helm. I walk towards her and she smiles at me as thunder rolls in the background and dark clouds come in. It starts to rain softly, then harder and harder.

The rain shifts to fog for me and I’m wandering around in the fog, not saying anything. I seem to be looking for someone, but I’m not afraid in the fog. Looking back, that surprises me. Then, the fog starts to clear, I’m blinded by the sun, and I wake up.

Dream Analysis

So after researching this dream, I’m more confused than ever. Apparently dreaming of pirates can mean that you have an exciting new adventure in your life. But, it could also mean that my life is being negatively influenced by someone in it. 

Dreaming of an old smiling lady is also supposedly a good sign, and means that I am looking for a way for my inner voice to be heard, and that I am on that path. That actually makes sense because I recently began seeking compensation for a personal injury that happened during a car accident and I was feeling unsure of whether I should continue because the guy who did it has a family. Maybe the old woman was nodding and smiling in approval that I stood up for myself at last?

I really think that has to be what the dream was about because dreaming about fog is an indication that I’m confused and unsure of my feelings. The lawsuit has to be what triggered this really strange dream!

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